Notice of Privacy Practices

Effective Date: June 10 2024

Purpose of Privacy Notice

Our Privacy policy will outline the data usage we, Springwell Network, inc., will collect, use, and protect data when you visit our website We may update the policy at any given time. Please visit this page for any additions or changes to the privacy policy.

Information we collect

When you visit our website, we may collect the following…

  • Your IP Address.
  • Your contact information and email address (if provided).
  • Telemetry on website navigation or browser usage.

The data we collect may be used for the following purposes…

  • Better understand your needs as a user.
  • To improve our services.
  • To send promotional emails (This is on an opt in basis, we will not send you any promotional materials without your consent).
  • Collect Donations (we do not store payment information on this site).

This website will not attempt to collect payment information and is done solely by third party vendors we contract through.

Data Protection

Springwell Network, Inc. is committed to securing your data and keeping it confidential. Springwell Network, Inc. has done all in its power to prevent data theft, unauthorized access, and disclosure by implementing the latest technologies and software, which help us safeguard all the information we collect online.

External Sites

Our website will contain links that lead to other websites. By clicking any of these links, we, Springwell Network, Inc, is not held responsible for your data or privacy protection and will be subject to the privacy policy of other websites or 3rd parties.

External sites that collect data:

  • Constant Contact (for email and newsletters)
  • Arreva (donations)

Please contact us if you have questions about our privacy policy.